About Scrutton Glass Studio

Opened in 1976 in the heart of the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, Oregon the owner of Scrutton Glass Studio, Gary Scrutton worked tirelessly to hone his skills in leaded and stained glass.

From the start Gary worked on both commercial and residential projects, always priding himself on completing projects on time and at a fair price.

As his business continued to grow Gary moved his work and family to Milwaukie, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, where he and his wife purchased a home on a couple acres of land. They raised their children, Jane and Jack there and grew Scrutton Glass Studio's business, eventually building a studio on the property, where the business still resides.

Gary's two children currently run the business out of the studio they grew up in.  Spending their days working and continuing to hone their skills, just like their dad did so many years ago.  While they are in the studio they often reflect fondly on their memories of bringing their dad a cup of coffee on a weekend as he worked to meet a project deadline, or when they would stop in for a quick hello after school to tell him about their day.

Jane and Jack are honored to continue the work of their dad as third generation glass-workers.

About Jack

Jack has worked for Scrutton Glass Studio in various capacities throughout his life.

After several years in sales he went to work for Scrutton Glass Studio full time as a project manager.  Working with the studio's larger commercial clients he enjoys the relationships he and his dad have built over the years as well as the fast paced nature of commercial glass-work.

Contact Jack: 503-502-4119 | jack@scruttonglassstudio.com

About Jane

After completing a degree in Communication and Business from the University of San Diego, Jane worked in corporate Marketing and Public Relations for a decade before leaving to start a family with her husband, and embark on a multi-year rebuild of their 1940s home.

It was during the remodel of their home that she fell in love with the beauty and depth that leaded glass added to their home. This realization brought out her desire to make it more accessible.

Contact Jane: 503-407-9990 | jane@scruttonglassstudio.com